11 de novembro de 2010

Jump Star - Greg Howe

Está aqui um dos caras que mais admiro o fenomenal Greg Howe....
esse lick é a intro de Jump Star, o som está em Mi Maior e é ótimo para treinar Palhetada Híbrida


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  1. Hi
    Just one question don't mind asking the nice guy who tabbed this intro ,namely me, if you can use this tab. At least, I would have expexted you to give reference of my webpage.

  2. Hi!!!! I never know about your site, I never see it!!! I found this link in a web page that i don´t remember the name name, but for sure, wasn´t yours!!!

    So cause of that we won`t mention your webpage, cause we don`t know about it!! and never heard anything about your site..

    and here at GUITAR TECH we just mention links that we know... so you have to talk about the people who is sharing your subjects, cause like i said before i found it lost in a other web page... if you want we can remove the item, but we dont mention unknow sites and itens!